Just another ordinary day!
 Woke up early in the morning, what’s following is the design of 622. The original plan should be working on the collabration diagram of the parking system. However, change is always abead of plan ,kaka!
 After chatting with mum & k for a little while, Hung gave me a call that he was coming to my place to discuss the interfaces of the file sharing system. Untill 6pm, it was done by us…What a horrible process of designing. Experienece is in badly need!momo!
 SS2 came again with the russian friend.
 The next target was to get some knowledge about the DAO model.
 Data Accessor Object, which divide the database access and the service logic. Unfortunately, I’m still puzzled about the difference between DAO and Hibernate. Do they funtion in the same way?… It is said that DAO is implemented by factory pattern and proxy pattern. Both of these two design pattern is reallly unfaimiliar to me. Perhaps after learning the adatper, decorator, strategy and facade model, I should start to learn these 2 patterns first.


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