Image halftone effect in photoshop

老头让我把toast together的宣传画弄成halftone以便打印。貌似这样就可以用一种ink打印出来,具体涉及到很多色彩的知识,我还真不怎么懂~

Step 1
When you have opened the image that you want to add the half tone effect to the first step is to make it black and with to be able to use the halftone screen option of Photoshop.
To make your picture black and white go to Image > Mode > Grayscale, if your asked to flatten your image select Flatten.

Step 2

For the second step go to Image > Mode > Bitmap. You will first get a window asking what method you want to use, select Halftone screen and press ok. You will nog get another window where you can set some options for halftone screen, I used a frequency of 400 and set the shape to Ellipse.

photoshop bitmap options
photoshop halftone options

Step 3

Select the entire image with ctrl + a and copy the selection with ctrl + c. Now undo all actions you have done so that you end up with the original image. Paste the selection with ctrl + v. In the new layer containing the halftone select Soft Light as blending option.

photoshop layer options


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