native app and web app in mobile

  • Features of mobile device
    1.  small screen
    2. touch screen
    3. always with user
    4. always with connected
    5. more sensor(camera, gps…)
    6. better technology: comparing with desktop, it fully support HMTL5 and CSS5 by using webkit, except windows phone(upgrade to IE9 recently)
  • Native app:
    • pros :
    • performance
    • access local resources like camera gps.
    • distributed by app store channel
    • one click purchase
    • can receive update from server
    • cons:
    • multi platform
    • need specific programming skills
    • user need to install it
    • app store policy and process
  • Web app:
    • no multi platform
    • limited access
    • not in app store
    • no icon on phone
  • Tool:
    • phone gap: wrap web app into phone app
    • Titanium: more complex app
  • design:
    • content  –> show only most important on screen
    • top menu: simple, no dropdown
    • responsie design: same html, different css to adapt different device
  • mobile user: impatient, one hand, action-oriented (with purpose)
  • Touch screen:
    1. no hover(do not use tooltips and dropdown)
    2. big touch target: tall 44 * wide 29 px  (apple suggest)
    3. flexible layout (size, orientation)
  • Tablet:
    • like phone: mobile browse, mobile os
    • like destop: not one hand, large screen
  • development process:
    1. user need and business goal (most important)
    2. choose target device
    3. choose native or web app
    4. mock up in ps
    5. get it built
    6. see how it works in real people
    7. design improvement and go to #4.

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