two stack for a queue

points: stack is First In Last Out while queue is First In First Out.

stack1 used for push, stack2 used for pop.

if we push a, b, c in stack1, when we pop, we push every element into stack2 for pop.

when new element comes in, still use stack1 for push. when pop, if stack2 is empty, push it with elements in stack1.

class Queue{

private Stack s1;

private Stack s2;

public Queue(Stack s1, Stack s2){

this.s1 = s1;

this.s2 = s2


public Type<T> appendTail(Type <T> t){



public Type<T> deleteHead(){


Type<T> t=null;







throw new exception(“emptyQueue”);


Type<T> head =;


return head;




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