image too large in Virtuemart

The problem is that:
components / com_virtuemart / views / productdetails / tmp / default.php
line 138
<?php echo $this->product->images[0]->displayMediaFull(‘class=”medium-image” id=”medium-image”‘,false,”class=’modal'”,true); ?>
in the stable version, but:
<?php echo $this->product->images[0]->displayMediaFull(‘class=”product-image”‘,false,”class=’modal'”,true); ?>
I solved the problem so I’m in:
components / com_virtuemart / assets / css / vmsite-ltr.css
at line 154
.main-image img.product-image,.featured-view .spacer img,.latest-view .spacer img,.topten-view .spacer img{max-width:100%;height:auto;width:auto;}
product-image replaced by medium-image



  1. scorpykk · October 9, 2012

    I did the other way,
    first browse to
    then replace line 26 from
    product->images[0]->displayMediaFull(‘class=”medium-image” id=”medium-image”‘, true, “class=’modal'”,true, true); ?>
    product->images[0]->displayMediaFull(‘class=”product-image” id=”medium-image”‘, true, “class=’modal'”,true, true); ?>

  2. scorpykk · October 9, 2012

    ops.. help me remove the path before component… thanks

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