primeface update current table

I have a data table. Each row of the table has a commandButton called ‘Remove’, which is supposed to remove that row from the model and the view and perform an update in-place.

when I click a button on one of the rows, to remove it, it partially works. The corresponding element is removed from the model but the view is not updated.

update=”userTable” is the way in this situation.

I tried : update=”:usersForm:userTable” not working.

Finally the update=”@form” works for me.


Another issue is if the commandButton and the update component are not in the same form, the explicit location must be specified just like : update=”:otherFormId:tableToBeUpdatedId”. Even if the component is in the top level, the colon is still necessary for the id. For example, the growl is something very common, we need to updated this way: update=”:growl”



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