enable / disable a JSF Command Button


primeface page goes like this,

 <p:commandButton update="panel1"  actionListener="#{bean.button1}" value="button1" disabled="#{bean.disable}"> 
     <f:setPropertyActionListener value="#{false}" target="#{bean.disable}"/>   

 <p:commandButton update="panel2"  actionListener="#{bean.button2}" value="button1" disabled="#{!(bean.disable)}"> 
     <f:setPropertyActionListener value="#{true}" target="#{bean.disable}"/>    

Manage Bean:

 public class Bean {

    private boolean disable;

    // default constructor 
    public Bean(){
       this.disable= false;

    public boolean isDisable() {
       return disable;
    public void setDisable(boolean disable) {
       this.disable = disable;


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