some comparison on JSF and GWT

GWT and JSF are very different technologies and one of the major differencies is in server state : in GWT is generally none and in JSF full.
That means that JSF in one request/response perform on server component tree build and this build takes some time. GWT normally holds complete state in client (in compiled mode), in javascript components and communicate with server only with object serialized to JSON [1]

Google designed GWT in this way: to distribute GUI components on clients with minimalistic server side state. This solution is very fast. Although I’m a JSF fan, for many many users would I use GWT :). But GWT solution has also disadvantages: it is very slow in old browses (because of tons of javascript) and very unmaintainable for large application with many views and complex GUI : java syntax is very verbose for GUIs (compared with xhtml facelets files)


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