Apache Lucene – Index File Formats


Summary of File Extensions

The following table summarizes the names and extensions of the files in Lucene:

Name Extension Brief Description
Segments File segments.gen, segments_N Stores information about segments
Lock File write.lock The Write lock prevents multiple IndexWriters from writing to the same file.
Compound File .cfs An optional “virtual” file consisting of all the other index files for systems that frequently run out of file handles.
Fields .fnm Stores information about the fields
Field Index .fdx Contains pointers to field data
Field Data .fdt The stored fields for documents
Term Infos .tis Part of the term dictionary, stores term info
Term Info Index .tii The index into the Term Infos file
Frequencies .frq Contains the list of docs which contain each term along with frequency
Positions .prx Stores position information about where a term occurs in the index
Norms .nrm Encodes length and boost factors for docs and fields
Term Vector Index .tvx Stores offset into the document data file
Term Vector Documents .tvd Contains information about each document that has term vectors
Term Vector Fields .tvf The field level info about term vectors
Deleted Documents .del Info about what files are deleted


More information here




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