Nexus 4 battery life drainage issue

My Nexus 4’s battery life just sucks when I got it. It is like dropping every time I look at the battery percentage.

My Solution

flash Matr1x kernel

In my another post, I found some very important settings for battery saving, especially if you have “Android OS” drainage problem. 

The steps comes from this POST. I made some changes to it so that it would not be that complicated as described there.

Matr1x is a custom kernel developed by XDA recognized developer mathkid95 who is also the dev behind the Matr1x custom kernel for the Google Nexus S. This time, the said dev is ready to mod another Nexus device with this new custom kernel.

The recent build is still being updated by the developer and many have commented on the amazing battery optimization that comes with the package. Its recent version comes with ARM CPU Topology which makes your device more efficient.  The GPU has also been overclocked to 450 MHz and all cores have been undervolted to 100 mV.

This guide shows you how to flash Matr1x kernel for the Nexus 4.



  1. Copy the Matr1x kernel package into your phone’s internal SD card.
  2. Turn your phone off.
  3. Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery. To do this, boot into Fastboot Mode by holding down the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time until you see the word “Start” on your phone’s screen. Scroll down using the volume buttons and select “Recovery Option” to finally boot into ClockworkMod Recovery.
    • Note: Use the Volume buttons to scroll up and down and the Home/Power button to select an option if you are not using the touch version of ClockworkMod Recovery.
  4. Create a NANDroid Backup of your existing ROM. Go to Backup and Restore > Backup.
  5. Wipe your phone’s data. Do the following:
    • Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset > Yes.
    • Select Wipe Cache Partition > Yes.
    • Select Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache > Yes.
  6. Install the Matr1x ROM. Select Install ZIP from SD Card > Choose ZIP From SD Card.
  7. Locate and select the file and confirm that you want to install it.
  8. Once installed, select Go Back > Reboot System Now.

Congratulations! You have installed the Matr1x kernel on your Google Nexus 4. Don’t forget to share your thoughts to us about this kernel’s performance.


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