nexus 4 battery saving settings

In my previous post, I mentioned flash custom kernel to save battery.


Per my several days usage, I found it is good but not that useful in turns of battery saving. The “Android OS” keeps draining my battery for 30-40 percent.


I tried Matr1x, fanco, faux123 as well as motley’s kernel, all of them turns out not to be able to solve the “Android OS” drainage problem. Therefore I start to realize it must be my setting’s fault.

So I changed the following settings, I do not know which of them take effect but the thing is the “Android OS” problem is gone.

  • disable daydream in “settings => display”
  • disable all cell broadcasts in “wireless & networks”
  • disable gps, turn it on when I use google map, which is not often


PS : I am using motley’s kernel for now.


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