gxt panel scroll with mouse scroll

Stick div to top of page when start scrolling

the problem is similar to THIS . It is something like a “Stick div to top of page when start scrolling”.

In the above link, a lot of solutions are for jQuery. I need the gxt/gwt way.



In gwt we have scrollListener which can be used to achieve this by overwriting the onScroll() method. Doing it this way might make our app slow sometimes.

In GXT we have the Window.ScrollHandler().

something like:

com.google.gwt.user.client.Window.addWindowScrollHandler(new Window.ScrollHandler() {
            public void onWindowScroll(Window.ScrollEvent event) {
                int topPosition = event.getScrollTop();
                boolean hasTopStyle = westPanel.getStyleName().contains(resources.css().westPanelTop());
                if (topPosition > 97 && !hasTopStyle) {
                if(topPosition <= 97 && hasTopStyle){

My banner has a height of 97.
for the “westPanelTop” css, we just need to add a fixed to it.

    position: fixed !important;

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