version compress css js with maven

One problem in release is the user still caches our resources that our new look/feel can not be presented unless user hard refresh the browser.

To overcome this, several ways:

1. append a query string(like UUID) to the resource

This is good if you want to user download a fresh copy each request. If we randomize the query string with every request, this will defeat caching entirely. This is rarely/never desirable for a production application’s CSS.

Add a <%@ page import=”java.util.UUID” %> to the head of jsp and append the uuid to the resource by adding:

<script type=”text/javascript” language=”javascript” src=”dir/gwt_whatever.nocache.js?<%=UUID.randomUUID().toString()%>“></script>

2. use a new name each build

The yuicompressor-maven-plugin has a <suffix> option to let you add suffix to the resource after compression.

3.append a query String (like build date) to the resource

This is actually the way i used. The good part is it still keeps the file name, user could still get a new version for the each release. To achieve this.

3.1 add a property in the pom. This way we have a timestamp var available.


3.2 add resource in the war plugin to filter the web.xml so that we could replace variables

    <!--compressed resources, see yuicompressor-maven-plugin below for detail-->
    <!--this is to replace the ${...} with our maven properties. For example the timestamp property replacement in the web.xml-->

For the yuicompress maven plugin config:

        <!--maven war plugin will overwrite the file we compressed, so we add a 'webappDirectory' here to put them into the /min directory and
					    then in the maven-war-plugin define this /min directory as a <resource> to make sure they could be included-->

3.3 Add an init-param in the web.xml. Note the ${timestamp} will be replaced by the maven time stamp because of the filtering config we have in 3.2 and the property definition in 3.1


3.4 now the ‘buildTimeStamp’ is available for us in the jsp context, we just need to include it:

<link rel="stylesheet"
href="/css/whatever.css?build=<c:out value='${initParam.buildTimeStamp}'/>"



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