PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer usage

PropertiesFactoryBean is a FactoryBean implementation which reads a properties file and exposes that as a Properties object in the ApplicationContext.

PropertyPlaceHolderConfigurer is a BeanFactoryPostProcessor implementation that reads a property file and uses that property file to replace placeholder variables like ${xyz}. The properties aren’t available as a Properties object.

in Spring 3.1+ you should use the PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer not the PropertyPlaceHolderConfigurer. This implementation is a replacement of PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer and properties are added as a PropertySource and the property source is contributed to the Spring Environment.

This allows you to autowire in the environment and access properties from any sources

private Environment environment;
public void someMethod(){
   String myProp = environment.getProperty("myProp");

One thing to note is this is BeanFactoryPostProcessor is applied at per-context basis, which mean it would not share among other child/parent application context.


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