angularjs Unknown provider: aProvider <- a

Encountered this error due to the minification of the js, which would make the dependency to a/b/c etc. So we need to use the[… function(…){}]] to declare. var demoApp= angular.module(‘demoApp’, []); demoApp.controller(function demoCtrl($scope) { }); Should be changed to var demoApp= angular.module(‘demoApp’, []); demoApp.controller([“$scope”,function demoCtrl($scope) { }]);

Fix Hibernate JPA sequence generating odd id with allocationSize

I config my jpa entity class as usual using Intellij generated stub from DB schema with below config: However the id that is inserted into DB are way different(larger) than it should be. For example, id should be 10012 but it becomes 5223326. This odd number is actually getting from some other sequence. To fix…