js tilde IIFE

// Without superfluous operator, we need to surround the anonymous ‘scoping’ function in
// parenthesis to force it to be parsed as an expression instead of a *declaration*,
// which allows us to immediately function-call-pattern it.
   // ...

// By inserting a superfluous operator, we can omit those parentheses,
// as the operator forces the parser to view the anonymous function as
// an expression *within* the statement, instead of as the
// statement itself, which saves us a character overall, as well as some ugliness:
   // ...

// But, in all of the above examples, if one is depending on ASI, and
// doesn't needlessly scatter semicolons all over their code out of ignorance,
// a prepended semicolon is necessary to prevent snafus like the following:
var foo = 4
   // ...
// ... in which case, the variable `foo` would be set to a crazy
// addition / concatenation involving the (probably non-existent) *return value*
// of our anonymous ‘scoping’ function. Hence, our friend the bitflip:
var foo = 4
   // ...
// ... he solves all of our problems, by disnecessitating the prepended semicolon
// *and* the wrapping parentheses.

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  1. Marky says:

    Author, can you please re-write this and make it read better? This is to help future readers. Just read it and tell me you think it’s clean and respects others’ attention , it can use some improvements in legibility, no?

    1. LeOn says:

      All the details are actually in the code comment section. I thought that’s a better way to explain things alone with code. Thanks.

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