csv file excel BOM for non-ascll characters

Sometimes you need to export a table to the Excel and other spreadsheets. CSV file saved in UTF-8 seems to be sufficiently universal format.

But there is problem with non-ASCII characters in Excel. Excel default encoding depends on the system. The workaround is to put three magical bytes to the file beginning. They are called BOM (Byte order mark) and say to the editor that file is encoded as UTF-8.

for Nodejs, it would be writing the BOM before writing anything else.

    var stream = fs.createWriteStream("YOUR.csv");
    stream.once('open', function(fd) {
        //excel requires utf-8 + BOM for csv file, otherwise chinese char could not be displayed
        stream.write(new Buffer('\xEF\xBB\xBF', 'binary'));
        console.log('file Saved');

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