you should never use WEP in router

Today I received another mail from Verizon saying my speed is upgraded to 75/75. However every time I test it is always 20/20. I also restart my router and even push the reset button at the back to do reset still no luck. So i decided to call them to see whether they throttled my bandwidth.

The tech support guy remote control my machine asking me to change the encryption type from WEP to WPA2. I was reluctant to do that since I have to change all my devices password again including all the laptops/desktop/phone/tablet/google-home/chromecast etc… Eventually I decided to follow him and made the change. And MAGIC happened, my speed jumps to 50/70. I really never could have thought the encryption type could affect speed that much. All I know previously was WPA2 is much more secure than WEP so I do not really care about my neighbor craking and using my wifi. Now knowing it would affect the performance so much, i would remember and never use WEP again. A good lesson.

What’s even better is if you have a 5Ghz, the speed will improve further according to this video.

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