Google home not responding to ‘Hey Google’ but ‘Okay Google’

Recently I found my Google home becomes a bit silly. It never responds to my Hey Google command any more like before. However Okay Google still works. Also while playing my Google music playlists, it randomly stops and drops songs which is quite annoying.

Then I notice in the version, its language value is Japanese which I set previously when there is not dual language  support. It turns out this is the reason: I set my Google Home default language to Japanese. Some time later, google release the dual language support and I added English as the second language. However maybe there is bug on this release that now it only support Okay Google(maybe it is like this in Japanese lang).

To fix this, I need to remove Japanese first so now English becomes the default language, then reboot Google home so that the language version reverts to English. Then I can add Japanese back as my second lang. Now finally, Hey Google works again. Hooray!

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