parameter pass between pages in Webvanta

To pass parameter between page:

Append  parameter to the tail of the URL, ?v1=value1&v2=value2

If using context page, do it like this: a href=”<w:path url=’/destination-category/>’ />?dest=<w:var name=’dest’ />”>

To use the parameter, in the destination page do this: <w:var name=”item_destination” param=”dest”/>


webvanta的cache system现在很烂,即使explicitly 传一个新的Parameter过去,系统还是会显示第一个Parameter的缓存页面。

只能将页面类型设置为ajax来避免系统缓存。 失败~~~



variable define in webvanta

Basic way:

To define a variable, use the following code:

<w:var name="my_variable" value="This string is stored in the variable" />


<w:var name="my_variable">This string is stored in the variable</w:var> 

The 1st way can be used for plain text. When it comes to wvscript like <w:name />, We have to use the 2nd way. i.e :

<w:var name="my_variable"><w:name /></w:var>
To use, same:
<w:var name="my_variable" />